Boyd's Beef at South Glanton Farms

The Boyd family is proud to offer Boyd’s Beef to our local community.  Boyd’s Beef is all natural and grass finished on forages that are grown on healthy, biologically active soils.  This ensures increased nutrient density and a desirable fatty acid profile in the meat.

By purchasing Boyd’s Beef not only are you buying a high quality, nutritious, locally produced and processed product, you are buying into a production system that is constantly improving the natural resources on our farm.

How it Works


Purchase any of our meat subscription packages from our shop page.


Get your first meat box delivered to you along with recipes and other helpful cooking tips.


We only package the best cuts for you to enjoy. Natural, healthy and tasty.

Our Subscriptions

When you sign up for a subscription meat box you are allowing yourself access to natural grass-fed beef throughout the year without having the upfront cost of purchasing a whole or half beef and a large deep freezer. Since we currently only butcher seasonally off green grass we have a limited amount of meat subscriptions available. The meat boxes are priced at a discount to purchasing individual cuts of meat.

When you sign up for our subscription service we will assume that you are going to commit to purchase the same amount every two months, but if for some reason you need to cancel you are free to do so at any time.

Beef Subscription Service

Our subscription service works when consumers commit to an ongoing monthly purchase of grass fed beef from our farm to your family.

We’ve created three different packages at a range of price points so anybody can enjoy the benefits of purchasing direct from the farm, without the need to have a dedicated deep freeze.

Once you’ve subscribed to any of our packages, we will follow up by email and arrange for a time for drop off. We will deliver to Brandon and have pick up spots in both Brandon and Clear Lake.

All beef will be shipped frozen.

Individual Cuts

If you would like to purchase individual cuts check out our online store or visit the Green Spot 1329 Rosser Ave. East in Brandon. All orders over $70 are eligible for free delivery within a 10 km radius of Brandon or can be picked 2 business days after order has been placed at the Green Spot.

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